For Her Deluxe Cheese Hamper

Perfect Mother’s Day Hamper or a gift for that special someone.


The perfect selection for that special someone. Perfect Mother’s Day Gift.


1 x 200g Lincoln Steep Hill Vintage Cheddar Truckle

1 x 200g Gin and Tonic Cheddar Truckle

1 x 200g Lincolnshire Heart Truckle

1 x 400g Modens Plum Loaf

1 x 145g Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

1 x 145 g Ginger Barrel

1 x 145g Applewood Smoked Barrel

1 x 145g Black Pepper Barrel

1 x 145 g Caramelised Barrel

Suitable for Vegetarians
  Contains Gluten
   Freezable for up to 6 months
   Comes with 2-6 months on its ‘Best Before’ date